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    1. Newland International Moving

      Newland International Moving is an innovative and dynamic provider of highly personalized relocation services designed to meet the individual needs of our cosmopolitan client base.

      You can add your items you plan to move to see the total estimated volume.

       Volume Estimation 

      Please leave your contact information,our sales will contact and provide you a quotation shortly.

       Get Quote 

      Please read the packing instruction if you want to package some items yourself.

       Packing Instruction 

      Testimonials, Moving Stories and Experience shared by customers.

       Moving Stories 

      Enjoy Moving, Newland’s Promising

      We hope to make relocation easier through our services and provide our customers joyful moving experience.

      International Move

      Door to door services

      Domestic Move

      Safe and on time with reasonable prize

      Local Move

      High standard services, Save your labor and effort

      Sea Freight Transportation

      Economical for large volume moving

      Office Relocation

      Whole solution for your office move

      Air Freight Transportation

      Fast and convenient

      Enjoy Moving, Newland’s Promising

      Our services cover almost the whole world

      Honor Clients

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